Bevan K Wright.


Spiritual Advisor, Counselor, Philosopher

Bevan started to wake up early in life to his spiritual side and the true nature of this reality that we call life. Growing up in a family that was in the faith of Jehovah Witnesses was very challenging when he was able to see the hypocrisies of their teachings and not being able to fully express those openly. Without the fear of being shunned by the ones he loved and called his family. But that only caused him to seek and delve fully into the spiritual nature of life.

It was at the age of 5 that he started to be visited by spiritual beings. At such an early age and trying to be indoctrinated into a belief system that considered things like this to be evil. You can understand the confusion and fear that surrounded his young mind. Even though these beings didn’t create any harm to him. As he grew in age his experiences grew also into these realms.

Bevan realized he had gifts that others didn’t have. His brother Robert played a very pivotal role in his life. They both acted more like twins even though 2 years separated them. They felt each other’s thoughts, feelings and pain.
They seemed to know where each other were at a time period when cell phones and GPS weren’t invented yet.

Bevan not only worked in the spirit realm and got to understand things from that reality. He also got to see how Science and the Scientist were actually able to prove a lot of what spirit had already taught him. This combination or what he calls the Unification that Science and Spirit were always one. It’s only in this realm that created a split of these and what others call duality is only a perception.

Bevan also had great interest in the Martial Arts,
He learned how to fully utilize the most basic aspects of this which is Meditation and being able to balance the mind and body as one. Through this phase of his life more gifts that he didn’t realize he had came to light. Which was remote viewing, channeling and other aspects related to these.

Bevan and his brother Robert knew they needed to share this with others in 2010 they and a few others started helping others through an internet radio station that discussed the topics of Being Spirit in a physical form called “The Crisis of Conscience.”

The Launch of this Website is another step where his experience and knowledge can be brought under one platform that could be utilized
To enhance your growth, knowledge and wisdom.

So you can truly become your full Authentic Self No longer in the Shadows